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With summer operating room (OR) closures coming to an end, we are given a chance to bring new tidings of change and innovation for the upcoming seasons. As your new President of ORNAA, I am excited to integrate and forge inventive ideas to bring ORNAA to the next level.

To some, my name may be familiar. I have high profile positions in the province for both my president role and personal job. I am the Provincial OR Educator/Coordinator with Alberta Health Services, Health Professions Strategy and Practice. I have worked in Calgary and Edmonton ORs. In the past, I was the SCORNA President-Elect. I am currently the President of NCORNA.

In my presidency for the next two years, my purpose to the organization will be to strengthen and bring awareness of ORNAA to OR sites—urban and rural—in the province. My vision will be to increase membership and engage our loyal members by increasing awareness of board decisions and educational opportunities. I will execute my plan by engaging our provincial executive board members to share their own values and ideas. Collaboratively, we will implement our ideas strategically throughout the province to create effective change.

I look forward to working with exceptional board members who continue to dedicate their personal time and to our member across the province who provide on-going support to the organization.

Thank you,

Rana Sleiman RN BScN CPN(C)
ORNAA President