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Happy New Year on behalf of myself and the ORNAA Executive! I hope the holidays allowed for some rest, rejuvenation, and relaxation.

If you have not done so already, please register or renew your ORNAC membership for the 2021 year. Registration fees for ORNAC members are $65 and ORNAC Associate categories range from $55-$80. To learn more about ORNAC, please visit www.ornac.ca. Please be sure to choose the correct district that you reside in so that educational monies can be used where you live.

I have started to hear about perioperative colleagues across the province receiving COVID-19 vaccinations. Many of the stories shared have been raw and emotional. It certainly has been a year unlike any other I have lived as a healthcare professional. I am in awe of the resilience and professionalism frontline workers have shown over the past year.

My time as President of ORNAA is quickly coming to an end. I will be transitioning into the Past-President role mid-June. I have been honoured to represent ORNAA as President and I hope that the ORNAA membership can be proud of my work. I have made new connections with CARNA executive, encouraging the organization to work with ORNAA to enhance perioperative RN scope of practice. I am a member of the Alberta Strategic Initiative Advisory Committee, where I have been advocating for perioperative nurses and patient safety. I have been working closely with ORNAC and ORNAA board members to ensure that the organizations will be sustainable long into the future. Since COVID-19, I have not been able to connect with as many members face-to-face as I had hoped, but I am always available to meet virtually or by telephone.

Please email me anytime at or reach out to your local district representatives. Whether you want to become involved at a district level, an executive level, or behind the scenes, letís work together to make ORNAA the leader in perioperative practice!

Randi Galenzoski BA BScN RN CPN(C) PANC(C)
ORNAA President

Posted: Wed, Mar 20th 2019 at 16:08:28
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