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"Be Kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about." - Wendy Mass

Many Canadians have similarities in their struggles during this time of year: cold days, colder nights and lack of sunlight. These can wreak havoc on mental & physical health as well as take a toll on personal finances and so much more.

Many nurses have similarities in their struggles since the start of the COVID pandemic: apathy from being shuffled throughout the healthcare system, burnout from working ongoing OT shifts and relentless short notice adjustments, exhaustion from work and life itself but with no sense of normalcy or proper vacation time.

While there are these similarities, and many more, there are also many challenges and hardships that we carry silently. Please know that there are supports available to help if you need, and remember that a kind word or smallest of gesture can go a long way to someone who may need a little kindness sent their way.

I hope that as we move toward spring and find ourselves walking to our cars after work and feel the warmth of the sun finally start to come through again that you can take those few moments to decompress from the stresses of the shift done, and reset for your home life. We are OR nurses, but we are also mom/dad, uncle/aunt, sister/brother, Nana/Papa, dog walker, cat scratcher, budgie feeder, etc! A balance is tough to achieve every day, but I know that when I focus on today I have improved work satisfaction and better connections with my kids.

If you need help feeling re-energized about Peri-operative Nursing, consider registering for the ORNAC conference; this year is offered in person April 26-30th at the Quebec City Convention Center, or Virtually June 2-4th. www.ornacconference.ca Education Sessions & Networking with peers from across Canada is a great way to do this!

As always, Thank You for all that you do for the patients, continuing to support ORNAA, and engaging in ongoing education sessions provided by our Districts.

Bryana Hahn, RN BN
ORNAA President 2021-2023

Posted: Wed, Mar 20th 2019 at 16:08:28
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